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close up of Basement floor with concrete coatings

Basement Floor using Domino

February 1, 2022Cincinnati
Basement Floor

concrete coatings on floor with doorwall and wooden doors

Basement Floor using Pebble Beach

February 1, 2022Indianapolis
Basement Floor
Pebble Beach

Laundromat with installed concrete floor coatings

Laundromat Floor using Tidal Wave

February 1, 2022Dayton
Laundromat Floor
Tidal Wave

Bathroom with stalls, sinks, toilets and floor with pebble beach coatings

Park Restroom Floors using Pebble Beach

February 1, 2022Cincinnati
Park Restroom Floors
Pebble Beach

Garage floor and stairs with black railing in the color buckeye and slate stone

Garage Floor with Stairs using Buckeye and Slate Stone

January 27, 2022Columbus
Garage Floor with Stairs
Buckeye, Slate Stone

Concrete Garage Floor Coating

Garage Floor using Smoke

January 26, 2022Dayton
Garage Floor