Get more out of your

Unfinished Spaces.

Cover your garage, basement, and other concrete surfaces with an protective coating that will make your whole house feel like home.

Protect Your Concrete

From Stains & Damage

Spend More Time in Your

Garage & Basement

Relax While We Do All

the Heavy Lifting

Dirty, damaged, concrete floors put your home at risk and cause you to waste square footage.

Exposed concrete gets stained, attracts grime, and could be heading towards an expensive repair in the future.

The good news is, you can prevent all of the above and start enjoying the less-popular parts of your home and find out how Surface Envy can make your concrete the envy of the neighborhood!

Your home is a major investment...

Coating your concrete is an important part of protecting it.

Prevent Expensive Concrete Damage

Concrete will deteriorate and absorb oils and chemicles when left uncovered. Our concrete floor coatings act as a powerful shield against the elements that cause garage floors to become a stained and dirty eyesore.

Find the Hidden Benefits of Your Garage & Basement

For many homeowners, the only thing holding them back from enjoying their basement or garage is their dirty, cold and uncomfortable concrete floor. With a floor coating, you’ll quickly feel like you added an addition to your home.

1-Day Installation

It only takes one day to install our extra-durable polyspartic coatings. But don’t let our efficient process fool you – your 1Day investment will protect your surfaces from water damage and wear and tear for the next 15+ years.

You don't have to lift a finger...

Nobody wants to empty their garage to prepare for a concrete coating. Ask us about our moving and boxing service!

Before Installation

Our installers can carefully store your belongings in a weather-proof and secure storage locker with your items on-site.

After Installation

Once we conduct our final inspection, we'll return
your items to where we found them.

I know how much of a headache a concrete slab can cause - especially when it stands in the way of enjoying your home more.

After years in construction and restoration, I fell in love with coating because it transforms the underutilized rooms of a home into go-to places to hang out and have fun.

Chad Hawthorne


A team of safe and careful installers who are 3rd-party background checked year-round.
Technicians who are so good at installing concrete coatings that out-of-state coating companies send their installers to be trained by us.
Men & Women who will show up on time, treat your family and property with respect, and leave you smiling.

First comes the quote, then comes the coat!

Our process is very straightforward. After requesting a quote, we handle just about everything else.


Request a Quote and Pick Your Coat

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After requesting a quote, a team member will come check out your space, help you pick out the specifics of your coating, and schedule your service date.


Remove Everything From Your Space

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Before your installation, you or a member of our team will remove everything from your space and store them in our weather-proof storage locker. Your locker will stay on-site and is easily accesible in case you need anything.


1 Day

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Next, a team of expert technicians will install your new concrete coating. Our installation takes just one day to put down and will protect your surfaces for the next 15 years of wear & tear. 


Final Inspection & Unload Your Storage Locker

The next morning after your coating has cure, we’ll return to inspect the final floor, make sure you’re pleased, and return the contents of your space from your storage locker.

At Surface Envy, we understand the frustration of having dirty, damaged concrete floors in your garage or basement. That’s why we offer industrial-grade coatings that last over 15 years, making your spaces look amazing and comfortable to walk on. With over 20 years of experience, we specialize in preventing costly concrete damage and transforming your unfinished areas into usable spaces you’ll love. Request a quote today and explore our variety of color combinations to protect your floors and enhance your home’s appeal.

Stop concrete damage in its tracks.

Most concrete repairs cost 2-3 times the price of a coating.

A new epoxy coating can make all the difference.

Make your entire house feel like home.

When unfinished concrete floors go from cold and dirty to clean and comfortable, you can finally fully utilize your spaces.
How will you use your space after your coating?

Have some questions?

We are custom designers and offer a wide variety of coatings. We can help design and build a coating to fit most budgets. Because of the different requirements of every project and the wide variety of concrete floor coatings, we offer free estimates and can provide you with an exact cost for the particular floor coating you desire at the time of the estimate.
We recommend waiting 4-6 hours before walking on a new concrete floor coating, 12 hours for medium weight objects such as boxes or light patio furniture, and 24 hours before anything heavy (i.e., heavy furniture, cars, tool boxes, etc.) is moved back onto the area that was coated.